Meet The Face Behind Richie Media Productions LLC

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I’m Chip Richie, the proud owner of Richie Media Productions LLC.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

Saying that I am a professional videographer and producer is an understatement because I was born into this business and learned it from the ground up as an apprentice then a partner with my father. Production is all I have ever known and all I have ever wanted to do from a very young age.

Before me, my father was a pioneer of business photography, shooting aerials from a biplane in the early 1930s. Photographic essays for Fortune, Life, and major businesses followed. He soon moved into the film industry, and that is where my interests have always been.

There is no substitute for the experience that I gained from working with my father. Having “been there, done that” for many years allows me the edge to do things differently and to do them in a manner that’s above the rest.

Over the years, technology has caused a rapid acceleration in the development of videography equipment and processes. However, despite these changes, it’s still essential to tell a captivating story that will hook the audience from the outset. Whether it’s a ten-second social media post or a feature film, there’s only have a few moments to engage the audience, and therein is the challenge and the joy of what I do.

Owning my own production business is both richly rewarding and terrifying at the same time. When I look at myself every morning in the mirror, I’m looking at the person responsible for it all. This line of work is not for everyone, but as a creative, I cannot imagine any other career choice as satisfying.

Passion drives my creative process, and being able to tell stories that engage people to take action, like make a purchase or donate to a cause, is something I look forward to every day. I especially love helping companies craft their stories into visual messages, which has been our passion for decades.

As a producer, I have been recognized numerous times with awards and accolades for my work through the years, but what remains most important to me are the recommendations of satisfied clients to fellow business associates. Nothing is more important than a happy client with a positive testimonial.

To ensure my clients are happy, I give them top priority and follow the philosophy that the client is always right. If they are walking down a path I disagree with, I explain my thoughts and voice my disagreements, but ultimately it is their decision and my job to execute their vision to the best of my abilities.

Besides this, I follow the qualities of integrity and honesty when doing my work. I give each project my all and work in a manner that I would want others to when it comes to me. It’s just good business sense, and the only way I can expect return business and positive word of mouth about my business.

Similarly, as an independent business owner, I need to believe in my product to sell it successfully. In the end, it is a sale that gauges the success of my company, and I build on each success as it comes.

When I am not producing videos, I enjoy staying active. I never excelled at sports but discovered yoga many years ago and find it works for me. And doing what works for me regularly, with enthusiasm and joy, makes me very happy. During my downtime, I also like to do a bit of still photography, which is an active hobby I enjoy, especially on my travels.

As a visual communicator, I am approached by numerous agencies asking for my help with their cause. I usually lean into those projects that fulfill a need in the local community. I also explain that while I can give of my time, talents, and equipment, I cannot ask my associates to help without fair compensation. It most often works out to the benefit of all. I have also been engaged by national and international groups at a discounted rate. At present, I am getting deeply involved with a veterans group that will be the subject of future messaging.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our video production company in Dallas, TX, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at